Change a life, one coffee cup at a time!

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One cup of coffee could change a life...

Have you found yourself wanting to do something that makes a difference in the lives of those in need? Did you know that many of the clients who receive services at Gateway Family Services are either under insured, have no insurance or have such high deductibles that they are unable to afford the services they desperately need? What if you knew that your donation as a Coffee Club member would allow someone the opportunity for life-changing encounters?

On Saturday morning, I was tired and ready to be home, but I had one more session. A session with a young man who we have not seen for months due to unique circumstances. The young man worked with Hoss in the past & the two had a beautiful connection. This day was no exception.

After nearly 7 months of not seeing each other, Hoss and his friend connected out in the pasture in a beautiful way. Hoss breathed in the clients smell deeply as if to say, man I’ve missed you friend. The partnership continued toward riding and the young man was able to help Hoss with his anxiety around the mounting block. He was able to get on Hoss & began walking around the arena and that’s when I saw the little reminder of why we do what we do.

Several months back this young man had put our Gateway Family Services brand on his boot because he said, “everyone should have a Gateway brand”. During this session, the beautiful brand was visible & my eyes filled with tears as I took this picture. The focus goes quickly to the mud & dirty boots, then you see it...the brand. It was a great reminder of why Gateway Family Services was founded. In the midst of the dirty, nasty & sometimes not so fun times of life, we are to be steady, secure and safe for our clients and their families. It is in those steadfast moments that we are able to help individuals find a place of belonging, acceptance and genuine connection. We believe through genuine connections we can find healing.

A cup of coffee makes this possible.