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Connection and Healing

Ginger is a young horse who was orphaned around six weeks old. She has struggled with extreme anxiety and difficulties with managing relationships within the herd.She is challenged with learning how to communicate with other horses, as she never was able to learn those things from her mother.She has trouble trusting and feeling safe.

Recently, a young girl came to the ranch after losing her mother unexpectedly.When she arrived, the treatment team walked to the pasture for the client to pick her relationship horse.As the girl started moving about the pasture and preparing to meet the horses, Ginger walked over to her.Ginger placed her nose on the little girl’s cheek.The young girl reached her hands up and put them on Ginger’s muzzle.It was like time was frozen as the two stood connected with one another.The young girl—unaware that Ginger also had the awful experience of losing her mother.Ginger—possibly aware that the young girl had recently experienced the same awful loss.

When Ginger and the girl stopped embracing, the clinician shared with the girl how Ginger had lost her mother, as well.At that moment, the client’s eyes lit up as if she finally felt understood and, together, they would travel this journey of grief, loss and healing.