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Give the gift of connection and hope!

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Give the gift of connection and hope!

The gift of connection and hope.

There are countless stories of powerful life-change that we witness on a daily basis. Moments where we get to step back and watch as a healthy connected relationships are the foundation for life-change and healing.

A young student was struggling to manage his emotions in school. He would often get upset and begin self-harming behaviors or would run away. During one of the times that he was eloping from the school building, the mini horses showed up at the building. This furious and exhausted student noticed the horses and was able to engage with the staff for a short time. The student began taking one of the mini horses for a walk and was able to de-escalate over time. Throughout the school year, this youngster was able to continue to meet with their equine partners and built a relationship where they felt safe, connected and loved. As their relationship improved, so did their behaviors in school. This year, the once struggling student is now able to be paired up with other students who are struggling to help them on their tough days. Things are not perfect for the student, but through a healthy, connected relationship with our mini, the student was able to find hope and healing.

A veteran who had been participating in Fall in Fridays for several weeks shared he felt he was ready to ride. The team worked to overcome a few obstacles for the client to ride. He was beaming as he rode & shared the excitement and joy he was feeling. The following week, the veteran showed up with a song he had written about the experience. He shared about the hope, the joy & the renewed passion in life. He wrote about the feeling of community & belonging. The group erupted as his song ended. A few weeks later during the conclusion of the group, the veteran shared, “I may live at __________, but this barn is my home. I am grateful to have a place like this to call my home.”